Saturday, January 29, 2011

thirty five years.

today is my sweet hubbys birthday... 35 years old! i am so thankful that he was born and that life brought us together! i wanted to plan a special weekend for this occasion, so on friday while he worked, i labored in the kitchen making david's favorite chocolate cake by ina garten... and my lord, was it amazing!!! HERE is the recipe if you're interested. the secret ingredient is a cup of hot freshly brewed coffee... and it seriously makes the cake so moist. so on friday, when david arrived home from work, the cake was sitting on the table with a '35' candle in the middle. i was pretty proud of my work.
that evening we met up with friends and had dinner at Chicora Alley in downtown Greenville. this restaurant has quickly become one of our favorites here, and i always get the same thing every time because it is the best thing i've ever tasted! all the dishes are loaded with flavors of mango and pineapple and all different sorts of salsas... just so delish! when asked what kind of food you would get at chicora alley, i am lost for words. so you all can be aware, here is what the menu reads:
"our quarters provide a cozy setting where you can enjoy a lively blend of caribbean reggae and southern jazz.  a place where the cuisine is a fusion of exotic island and good ol' southern home cookin'."
this was my dish - roasted chicken burrito with pineapple mango salsa and plantains.. so so  good!
and this is me and the birthday boy enjoying our night! (excuse the blur)
today, we had a slow morning, which is always lovely, then headed to Asheville to celebrate the day. i could celebrate every day in asheville, it is truly a town like no other. we had lunch and shopped, then ended our day at posana cafe, which is the greatest coffee and cocktail cafe IN THE WORLD. everything they serve is made fresh...they even make their own italian sodas, as well as their own chai. its all just amazing. HERE is their menu. and here are our drinks-
and here are just a few of the reasons that i love asheville... musicians on every corner, the friendliest people on earth, coffee shops and little specialty shops everywhere you look... i am very thankful that we live so close to all this greatness!

i am most thankful for my fabulous husband, who still amazes me every single day! happy birthday, babe!!! love you more than words!


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