Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Home for the Holidays - part II

Christmas Day - (and it was a white christmas)
David and I slept in (amazing), then went to Jason and Rhonda’s house to see all the goodies santa brought for the kiddos. We had lunch there and a great time seeing Reagan and Alyssa. Then we went to my families to open gifts and have dinner. Exhaustion had begin to set in around the evening time... We had the pups out in the snow playing, which they absolutely adored. All the kids were super excited... I was super excited because my wonderful family picked out some amazing gifts for me this year, along with my perfect hubby... I will share a few of my favorites later on... but I will say, Hope in a Jar by Philosophy... best. stuff. ever. And my mom got me the 8oz. container that was featured on Oprah’s favorite things... well, it’s my favorite, too!!!! I’ll be stocked for the entire year! Thanks, mom! 
beautiful Alyssa
reagan rocking out on her guitar
me and savannah, my snow angel
uncle D, holding ava for the first time
ava smiles :)
savannah smiles, too.
my boys, ethan and christian
 Christmas day came and went... but we still had another Christmas at David’s moms. Amy, Brian and Ellie arrived sunday evening, so Monday we were doing our christmas! We had a blast and the kids loved all their new toys...and Jane made a fabulous dinner. 
with ellie and reagan
david and reagan
ellie jayne
david with reagan and emme
oliver watching ellie play drums
 We went to say goodbye to my parents that night because we were leaving the next morning... and that’s when it happened. David got SICK SICK SICK. It happened in a matter of seconds. The stomach flu took over his body, and it was terrible. I think he finally went to bed around 6am, and slept the entire next day. I got someone to cover my shift at work so we wouldn’t have to drive home. I think in a total of 24 hours, he slept for about 20. But Wednesday, he woke up feeling himself, thank god! So we were on the road to South Carolina... Emme climbed on top of the boxes and slept with her head hanging over the front seat... the entire trip home. She really is precious, and Oliver was just pumped to have the entire back to himself.
Christmas this year was wonderful... and exactly spent the way I wanted... with the greatest family and friends. Hope everyone had a very merry christmas! And a white one, too!


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