Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a new year.

I can't believe 2011 is already here! We all know, a new year means a new 'you', so what will be my 'new' 'me' this year?!?! 
First, let me start by saying that we had another fabulous New Years! Last year we spent it with the Beaty's, so this year, we did the same! A number of amazing people showed up, Jess and Nick, Ethan and Kalle, and many many more... and we all had so much fun! I love Nashville so much it's ridiculous. Can't wait to live there. 
To pay a little respect to the grand year of 2010, I will share a few of my favorites... 
First off, I was given a new niece, Ava Victoria, which is a ball of joy and I love her so very much. Many wonderful trips were taken this year - going home to WV 4 or 5 times, a trip to NYC with crystal, our anniversary spent in Charleston, SC and also paying a visit to good ole' Savannah, a week at the beach in North Carolina, another week at the beach in South Carolina, a week long trip in California, touring through Northern Cali... ahhhhhh-mazing, a fabulous weekend in atlanta, and ending with a trip to Nashville. shew. 

Music... best albums of 2010... in my opinion. Let's see... (this is hard)
Judging by the entire record - 
1.  Band of Horses - infinite arms
2.  The Black Keys - brothers
3.  Arcade Fire - the suburbs
4.  Broken Bells - broken bells
5.  The National - high violet
6.  Ray LaMontagne, The Pariah Dogs - god willin' & the creek don't rise
7.  She & Him - volume two
8.  Jimmy Eat World - invented
9.  Kings of Leon - come around sundown
10. Andrew Belle - the ladder
11. Azure Ray - drawing down the moon

2010 Favorite movies of the year... again, hard. 
Inception, Alice in Wonderland, The Social Network, The Town... my favorite movies watched in 2010 were actually 2009 movies - away we go (my absolute favorite ever), 500 days of summer, nowhere boy. 

Resolutions: (grrrr)
1.  Live every day healthy. 
2.  Be as green as possible. (i'm growing the greatest garden this year... so please hurry, Spring)
3.  Start running. Atleast 3 times a week.
4. Yoga every singe week. 
5.  Save more, spend less. (i say this every year.... we'll see)
6.  Finally train for and take the million hour hike up Cold Mountain in North Carolina. (this was a goal last year... complete fail) 

It's gonna be a great year, I can feel it! So many things happening, so many weddings! Travels! We will be celebrating another anniversary SOON in CHICAGO!!!!! Then my baby sister will be getting married in the summer, then another wedding in Las Vegas, then another in California. Good thing I LOVE weddings! 

Happy 2011, ya'll... cheers to a fabulous year for us all!


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