Sunday, January 9, 2011

a few of my favorite things.

Christmas is over... and the decorations are ALL put away in my home. (sigh) 
Things are back to normal around here, and I must say, I am remembering why I love a simple and classic home. One resolution this year between the hubby and I is to downsize our 'stuff' around the house and in closets and drawers. Donate stuff, give stuff away, and throw stuff away... I SENSE A YARD SALE IN THE FUTURE!
Since I stated in a previous blog that I would share a few of my favorite new things, I will use this time to do that. 
new china teacups from Anthropologie
they fit perfectly on my shelf
best. moisturizer. ever.
gift from hubby - bird necklace stand that i absolutely adore!
two new necklaces - the one with the bird was  from my soon-to-be sister-in-law!
another anthropologie goodie.
the ultimate gift... our macbook... "little mac" next to "big mac"
Some views around my home - 
So... after speaking of downsizing literally ten seconds ago... this lovely blue chair was brought home with us from Nashville. It fits PERFECTLY under the window and it's my new favorite spot in my house.
 Not many things in life make me happier than finding a blue mason jar. They truly make the perfect addition to anything.
the H now hangs on the wall
indoor bulbs are blooming... i'm dreaming of springtime!
Here in South Carolina, when snow is in the forecast, people really go insane. We are expecting a snow storm tonight and tomorrow, the day I will be leaving to drive 6.5 hours to WV. Let's hope the snow doesn't get in my way because I WILL MAKE IT HOME! My dad is having surgery on Wednesday morning, so I will be spending a week there with him. I am nervous, as anyone would be, but I have nothing but positive thoughts about the entire process. He has done amazing so far, and he will be with this, too! For those of us who know about surgery days... especially one as invasive as a lung removal, you know to go prepared and ready to wait and wait and wait. Here is what I have purchased to TRY and occupy a few of my hours - 
I won't say what I am making just yet... ya know, in case it ends up in the pile of all my other unfinished projects. Hopefully that won't happen!


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