Wednesday, January 19, 2011

travel & illness & snowy days...

I have been SO sick for the past three days. The only good thing that came from this - I have slept about 65 hours, so I'm pretty much caught up. Running a fever as an adult is the worst feeling ever! When I left work, I was at 101.3. It was seriously all I could do to drive home. Now, the fever is gone and I'm getting back to normal. Last night I whipped up a hot toddy and I swear, it made me feel a zillion times better!!! Here is how I made it:
Boil the juice of one lemon with 1/4 cup of honey. Add that mixture to 1/2 cup of hot tea and stir. Then for the kicker... A shot of bourbon. Drink it up and you'll feel so much better! Promise.
Last week was spent in West Virginia with my family (where I caught this nasty illness) while my dad had his surgery. Honestly, I cannot believe how well he went through his recovery. Yes, he is still in the process of recovering, but he just did amazing! They removed the top portion of his lung, along with the surrounding lymph nodes, and they seem certain that they removed all the cancer!!!! For now, he is still on oxygen, but who would expect any different after losing a portion of a lung. I'm just so proud of him and so very grateful for this outcome. Some people aren't as lucky as he, and we all know that.
How did I spend my hours and hours of waiting in the hospital.... well, remember what I purchased to take home with me...
Well, I'm excited to announce that this is what I have started!!! 
Yes, it's a knitted afghan in green! Its gonna take forever to finish, but it will get done before next winter!
Before we left for WV, South Carolina got pounded with a snow storm (which made getting home all sorts of fun)! Here is a few shots I took before we headed out.
Our street looked amazing covered in snow... as did our yard! The rosemary and lavender looks very wintery, and our garden Buddha is almost covered. 
Our sweet pups could live in the snow! Here are some shots of them playing...
sweet emme... I loved this picture!


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