Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ruffles Galore

So maybe you have noticed the new design... I've worked hard and long on dressing up my little slice of blog-land, and it has all (finally) paid off. I'm loving it!
My husband was out of town for a night this weekend, so me and mr. singer (my sewing machine, of course) had many hours of catching up to do. I started earlier this week making a project that I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT TO SHOW... but it's a surprise for someone lovely, so it'll have to wait. On a good note, I did make some great things that I will be sharing!
Project One.
First, I will admit of my obsession with tea towels. I just love them. So many different styles and colors and trimmings... and Anthropologie makes the ABSOLUTE BEST! Every time I go in Anthro, I wanna buy atleast three. (atleast)
Well, this weekend, I made my own version of a lovely little tea towel. I found a graphic recently that I've been dying to use, and I have had a stash of flour sack towels forever now, so I got to work. Here is how I made it and the materials you will need to make your own.

2 flour sack tea towels (the second is only used for the ruffle at the bottom, you could use any different fabrics if you desire)
Sewing Machine
Graphic of your choice
Transfer Paper for Light Colored Fabric

First step is to cut the bottom off of one of the tea towels. This will be the fabric used to make the ruffle. When making a ruffle, the rule of thumb is to cut the fabric three times the length of what you will be using it on. Once the fabric is cut to size, sew a stitch along the top. (don't back stitch at the beginning or you will not be able to pull the thread!!!) You should have something that looks like this -
To make the ruffle, you simply pull the string from the back of the fabric and gather. Yes, that's it.
Next step is to pin the ruffle on the second towel.
Now it's time to sew! You will obviously have to unfold all the fabric of the tea towel and sew only through the main front side. I forgot to take a picture of that part... sorry.
Now that your ruffle is sewn to the bottom of the tea towel, you could be finished because it already looks adorable, but I had that graphic I needed to use... I just mirrored the image, printed it out on fabric transfer paper and cut around my edges.
Iron the top of your fabric that you will be transferring on to removes any creases or wrinkles. Place the transfer face down and press with an iron for about 5 minutes. Remove the backing and you're all done. I couldn't be happier with how mine turned out! Absolutely lovely.
A project that took about 25 minutes to make and cost next to nothing.

Project 2 - Ruffled Tote

Tote Bag (you can make your own or buy one at Hobby Lobby or other craft stores for only a few dollars)
fabric for ruffles
sewing machine

I have had a Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic shower curtain folded in a closet for as long as I can remember. I would never part with it because the fabric was so pretty. I finally pulled that thing out and decided to use it for this bag project. My other fabric chosen was a simple off white muslin.
You make your ruffles the same way as before - pin them on your fabric and sew.
I had a long strip remaining from the piece of fabric I had cut out of the shower curtain... about 1 inch wide. I made a rolled flower and pinned it on the top. To do this, you literally roll and twist, using fabric glue as you go. I really love how this bag turned out... especially with the flower!


krq said...

love love love the projects. i'm such a sucker for ruffles and i'm done for. :) love the new blog design, too! :)

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