Sunday, March 25, 2012

weekend roundup

every year when spring rolls around, things get busy.
i'm thankful for that because i like to be busy!

i will start with atlanta.
my husband had the fortune of living in this great city for years, so he knows all the whereabouts when we get to go. it is incredibly nice living only 2 hours away.... though it would be super to live even closer!

we met up with a great friend, brian mcsweeney, and spent the day at the sweetwater brewery! this turned out to be a great treat for us all! for only TEN bucks, you get a glass and a bunch of tickets. each ticket gets you a half-pour (more like a full glass!) and you drink in the sunshine. and it's BLUEBERRY beer! (my second fave to fat tire!)

it was a quick trip filled with great times, great food and great friends.

next up, i will state how extremely happy i am to be graced with this GLORIOUS weather we are having. it has truly been fantastic and we are SO ready for summer. our evenings our spent on our screened porch. doors have been open. dinner is cooked and eaten outside. it's just been great.

the photo below is grilled greek chicken. HERE is where you will find the recipe. we ended up using chicken tenderloins and marinating them for 24 hours, and serving them with veggie kabobs.
they. were. INCREDIBLE! 
and what goes better with greek food than hummus?!?!
david has been making homemade hummus and with this dish - it put it over the top!
here you will see another lovely dinner on another beautiful day. this one was tuna steak served with a vegetable medley. we marinate our tuna steaks in crushed pineapple, soy sauce and garlic, then grill it. it's so scrumptious that i could eat it every single day. try it and you'll see for yourself!
this past weekend was spent with my best friend in the world! crystal and her husband, justin, drove down so we could celebrate her 31'st birthday together! it was also st. patty's day, so we had a great night at the vello fellow, a restaurant i absolutely adore. it's filled with reclaimed wood - the walls, the family style dining room tables... it's amazing!

Friday, March 16, 2012

new pup????

she may look like a new pup.... 
but it's just my same ole' sweet emmylou.

every year when the weather starts turning warm, we have our little princess groomed. 
this girl is one hairy beast by the time this happens. 
so hairy that you can't even see the collar around her neck. 

here are a few befores -
and after -
and that's my sweet girl. 
she is still acting EXTREMELY prissy! it's adorable.
and of course, we couldn't leave out oliver... he had a bath, brush, ears cleaned and nails clipped... he was not nearly as excited as emme. 
she looks SO much smaller next to him now!

and here is oliver standing watch in the middle of the back yard... he's my protector... even though we had a snake crawling through our yard this week and he cried like a baby to get inside... yes, 120 lbs of pure baby.... that's my boy! (that's all i will say about the snake... i'm trying to erase the memory from my head.)

Monday, March 12, 2012

vacation is decided!

does that look good to you?
because it sure looks great to me! 

every year around our anniversary we try to go somewhere.
we spent our honeymoon at a fabulous spa resort in mexico's riveria maya. 
it. was. amazing.
seriously, there are just no words to describe the greatness of that vacation.

for our one year anniversary we spent a long weekend in charleston, sc. 
last year on our second anniversary, david took me to chicago for a weekend and we ate and shopped and had a fantastic time! 

and that brings us to our third year. we do realize that there will come a day that we won't be able to travel for our anniversary every year... but while we can, we are taking advantage of it.
so this year...... 

i have ALWAYS wanted to go to jamaica. 
not only do i LOOOOOOOOVE bob marley, but it's situated in the middle of a jungle and rain forest. 
so yes, please! take me there!

one week of bliss.
one ENTIRE week of no alarms, no watches, no agenda... only pure relaxation. 
i can hardly wait.


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