Thursday, January 20, 2011

pasta night!

I haven't really been able to taste much of the food I have eaten for the past couple days due to being sick... but today - VERY DIFFERENT!
We have had a pasta machine for two years, and have yet to even open the box... until tonight. We have watched Jamie Oliver make pasta countless times, and always say we will make it, but never commit. So this evening, we put the machine together, gathered our supplies, and had the BEST DINNER EVER!
HERE is the youtube of Jamie's episode showing how to make this simple pasta. David made one his fabulous sauces, and added chicken and broccoli. So so so so good... and it's so fun making dinner together! Now, if it were only 9pm so I could watch the Housewives of Beverly Hills finale... not an hour that will be shared with my husband! 
bon appetit :)


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