Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Home for the Holidays - part I

These past two weeks have went by at record speed.  Christmas came and went, our Nashville New Years trip has already ended, a dreadful pull-over by the cops occurred, and the stomach virus even had to show his ugly mug.  I feel like when I woke up yesterday, it was almost Christmas day... and today it is January 3, 2011. Dang.
I will start with Christmas Eve... Fate was completely on my side when my alarm went off at 3:45 am. I arrived at work to be informed of the low census, out of 32 rooms, only 17 were occupied, so I WAS GETTING OFF WORK EARLY! Around 10am, I was clocked out and on my way home. We had packed the car the night before, so we were on the road to West Virginia by noon.  I was more than happy to be getting home for Christmas Eve this year, considering that we missed it last year, and also decided to surprise my mom. She absolutely loved it when we walked in the house, and I was so very happy to see all my family.
So, for some of the handmade Christmas gifts I have wanted to share for so long... I can finally do that now! I absolutely love the concept of gift-giving. I love shopping, and above all things, I love crafting. So this year, I decided to make a few things for a few special people in my family that also share the love of crafting. For my Aunt Ann, I wanted to make something cute for her home that would make her feel happy when looking at! Her house is decorated just the way I love to decorate mine... so this is what I made her.
I know you will remember this...
I really loved how this turned out, so decided that I would make one for Brooke and Derek, and also one for Mark and Anita! I also made one for Crystal and Sylvia... but I can't show the pic of Crystals because I still have it! I also got into making pillows again, and appliqued some burlap fabric and made felt flowers to make pillows for my mom, mamaw, and mother in law, Jane. So for the Christmas crafts... burlap, embroidery, felt and applique was the theme! I love how everything turned out, and had so much fun making them all!
So that is all of the lovely crafting for now... More about the holidays. We made it home for my parent’s Christmas Eve party, which was amazing. We all had so much fun, and had the BEST DINNER EVER! Seeing all my nieces and nephews opening presents and all the excitement for Santa was beyond words, and I was just overwhelmingly happy to be home.
me with lala, savannah, ava
mamaw opening and loving her handmade pillow
my sweet girl, lauren
uncle david with christian and ethan
ella and lauren
sisters, brooke, missi, me, michelle
Around nine that evening, we decided to leave and meet up with friends for a christmas eve cocktail! I love this tradition so much... and we lasted A LOT longer than I anticipated. It was a lovely cheers to bring in Christmas Day!


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