Friday, February 4, 2011

a great week ahead.

three words -
the. civil. wars. 
seriously, everyone MUST buy this album and fall instantly in love.  i absolutely cannot wait to see them live in charlotte on wednesday. the album was released this month, and is already number one on itunes... so if that isn't reason enough to purchase, i'm not sure what is! david's friend is their tour manager (amazing, yes) so we also get to see him this week as well. if you hustle and log into itunes, barton hollow is the single of the week... so hurry and download for free!

another exciting event.. i am seeing joshua radin tomorrow night with my dear friend, corrie. dinner and a great show in downtown greenville sounds like a perfect saturday night to me!

a couple of things that i am currently loving.
needles and pearls by gil mcneil. yes, i admit that i DO judge a book by the cover... always have, always will. so anytime i see anything to do with knitting on a cover, i know i will be in for a treat. that was absolutely the case with this dear book... read it start to finish in absolutely no time and enjoyed every second. i believe i picked this up at a used book sale for one dollar, so it was also worth every penny!

a new television show...
my tv is turned off all day long, except for the few evening hours when my husband and i catch up on our tivo'd shows... a new one has recently been added to the list - perfect couples. oh! my! lord! this has quickly became my favorite show on tv. it is perfect for married couples! absolutely hysterical. typical. familiar. fabulous!

chicago... yes, our trip will be here in no time! i am more than excited and ready to FREEZE. and shop!

happy weekend to everyone and make it a great one!


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