Friday, February 18, 2011

all you need is L.O.V.E.

valentines day has never been a top rated holiday for me... i believe people should express their love everyday. but.... there is something pretty special about knowing there is an actual 'holiday' every year just to celebrate L.O.V.E.  this valentines day was so much fun for me! i truly have an extra super special guy in my life! we celebrated the day on sunday, since we both had to work on monday. we ended saturday night by watching old movies, then began sunday with a healthy and delish brunch, complete with mimosas. we drank our regular pot of coffee and sat outside for most of the morning watching the pups play... we just enjoyed the beautiful day... plus it was already 65 degrees!
in the afternoon we took a four mile trail walk... it was sooooo great being out in the fresh air and sunshine. sure beats the ole treadmill!
this is our beautiful pups panting away after the walk... pure exhaustion but complete happiness!
before dinner was even planned, david was whipping up a special treat in the kitchen. after all that exercise, and since it was a special occasion, he thought we should reward ourselves with a little treat.... i couldn't have agreed more! he made an adorable and the most delish chocolate chip cookie in the shape of a heart!!!! so so so so sweet! we cut it in half and ate it bit by bit... enjoying every single moment!
a couple weeks ago, i started a valentines day ruffle apron for my little sis to use in her new home... unfortunately - i didn't finish in time. she will be getting another great surprise :)  here are a few pics of the cutesy half-apron. HERE is the link to the tutorial for this project.
this turned out to be a pretty simple project... could be completed in one day if you didn't have any distractions. loved the finished look and of course, i added 2 rolled flowers to the top for an extra something special!
hope everyone celebrated their love in the most fantastic of ways!
happy love :)


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