Friday, February 11, 2011

my fabric necklace

today i woke early (thank you Oliver) so i got a head start on being crafty! i love rolled fabric flowers and the way they always make anything look better. everyone's making these little beauties and pinning them on anything imaginable: purses, totes, sweaters, hair, even shoes.. and even necklaces! genius. 
my sweet friend, Kayla Queen, whose wonderful blog you will find HERE, and her wonderful etsy shop HERE, makes these necklaces, also called bib necklaces, and this is where my inspiration began. i dug through my fabric box and gathered the off whites and light beiges to mix me up my very own fabric necklace. I also added some lace and chiffon fabric. 
so, here is how i made my necklace...
i started rolling and twisting away with my fabric and rolled up 4 of these little lovelies with the help of some fabric glue.
then i rolled some lace fabric, and also cut petal shapes out of chiffon fabric and sewed that together to make a messy, frayed little flower. 
then i made a yo-yo and added some beads in the middle. this one is my favorite. 
and then there were seven!
once i had all my pieces, i placed them together and glued them onto a piece of felt - 
i used a thick thread and also stitched around the flowers for extra support... and i also added a bead to the lace flower... looks much better, i think.
then i cut the felt around each flower leaving this:
for the 'chain' part of my necklace, i wanted to do something a little more different than just using ribbon, so i took a long strip of fabric and ripped it into three long pieces, tied a knot in the end and pinned it to a pillow and started braiding. this is how that turned out:
i absolutely love it. it's the perfect necklace for a plain tshirt!
happy crafting and happy weekend!


krq said...

thanks for the shout outs, jess! your necklace looks great! :)

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