Sunday, February 27, 2011

spring is in the air

spring is one of my favorite times of year... to see all the life appear again, the weather warming, and the thrill of summer time approaching. here in south carolina, spring time has began early! let's just hope it stays... it seemed to have happened overnight - we went to bed with a 40 degree night, and woke up to a 70 degree day. it has lasted for about a week, give or take a few degrees, and yesterday even reached 80. it was perfection! growing things inside or outside makes me tremendously happy. and the idea of planting bulbs in the fall and seeing them form into something beautiful in the spring... i just love it. so with this beautiful weather comes new growth. and we are seeing new growth all around. 

this beauty is our first bulb starting to bloom. i noticed the form and knew that she would be ready any day. literally, hours later, this is what happened -
and then this - 
 a beautiful and perfect little daffodil. a true sign of spring. we also have lots of other bulbs forming like tulips and hyacinths. i can't wait to see what color these turn out to be!
the hydrangea is also producing new green shoots, and i am very ready to see how many blooms we have this year! a hydrangea is my favorite flowering shrub!
 the pups even got to enjoy the great outdoors on such a beautiful day... they went for a little swim after a long walk. they were in heaven!

the only planting left for me this year is the vegetable garden. i have already planned in my head how i will plant and space... and im more than ready to have home grown vegetables!!!  this year we are growing big tomatoes, roma tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, squash, zucchini, green peppers, red peppers, jalapeno peppers and eggplant!
hope everyone is enjoying this fantastic weather!


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