Thursday, March 31, 2011

how to make a pillow slipcover

currently, i am spending lots of time on, going through the many different designer fabrics. my favorites without a doubt are amy butler, heather bailey, and anna maria horner designs. we have a beautiful brown sofa and double chair, and our pillows are looking a bit on the shabby side. so i have been planning on re-covering them but really just can't decide on my fabrics. i want color, and different prints... just gonna take some time to finally make my choice.
in the meantime, i picked up a half yard of some super cute fabric i ran across at hobby lobby, and decided to make a cover just to see how it would look over one of my pillows. turned out nicely and here is how i made it- (super super easy)
*always pre-wash and iron your fabric!
for the fabric - take the dimensions of your pillow and cut your fabric to those exact numbers so you will have a snug fit. my pillow was 12x16. so for my front fabric, i cut my piece 12x16. for the back i needed two pieces because i was making a duvet style cover, so i had to cut about 4 inches of each... making my back fabric 12x12.
front fabric - 12x16
back fabric (1) - 12x12
back fabric (2) - 12x12
next step is to hem one of the edges on each back piece of fabric. i always double fold so i will never have a frayed edge.
next, put your fabrics together, right sides facing. lay your two back pieces overlapping so that you can shove your pillow in through that opening.
cut the edges off your fabric so that when your pillow form is in, the corners will easily pop out. then turn inside out, and you have your pillow cover! simple, huh.
and of course i will update ya'll when i make my couch pillows... can't wait for the new look!
another thing i can't wait for... tomorrow! we are leaving for atlanta to spend the weekend, and for the best part... seeing the jayhawks and BAND OF HORSES on saturday.... i am completely pumped! it is our two year anniversary on the 4th... so this will be an absolute FANTASTIC weekend!


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