Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a sunday brunch

sunday is my favorite day of the week - sleeping in, making a delish breakfast with my hub, listening to great music, and enjoying a day of freedom before the work week starts again. this past sunday, i wanted to be the one to do the cooking. i decided on a brunch so we could go a little over board on our calorie intake... and it actually ended up being less than i thought. i started with cutting up two cups of fresh strawberries, pureed them in a blender and then strained them into a cup. if you can't find fresh strawberries just add a bit of sugar into the puree.
next, chill two champagne flutes in the freezer along with a bottle of prosecco while you start on the food.
for the show-stopper, i wanted to make a simple, but healthy frittata. i found THIS recipe on eatingwell.com, and it was exactly what i wanted.
as my glasses and prosecco were chilling in the freezer, i started mixing up my ingredients. 
(you can half the amount of eggs to use half whole eggs and half egg whites for lower calories)
you can use any type to stovetop to oven pan, but i find that a cast iron skillet works the best.
and for my finished product - which turned out amazing - 
look so good, right! and super healthy. and last but certainly not least, the fresh strawberry bellinis! 
remove your glasses and prosecco from the freezer - add strawberry mix to the glass and top SLOWLY with prosecco. stir to combine - and you have a fabulous strawberry bellini.
 it was a fantastic brunch and a great sunday! and of course, no sunday brunch can be complete without a 'brunch' playlist on the stereo... (yes, another list)
just click on the link and you will be able to sample each song listed... you can even buy from itunes if you so desire! 
sunday brunch mix
enjoy =)


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