Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a beautiful day...

today i took two walks - one with my pups, and another by myself. we reached 83 degrees here in the south! the sky was clear and a cool wind blew making it perfection.
every single day i drive the same road home and always admire the cherry blossom trees that line the streets. and everyday i say that tomorrow i will take that walk... so today i did just that -with my camera in tote, and adele blaring in my ears. i walked under tree after tree, stepping on the fallen petals that blanketed the grass, and also looking up and being grateful for something so beautiful. 
with all this warm weather we are having, i am already counting the weeks to our family beach trips. we are also planning a day trip to charleston just to be at the ocean for a day... gonna take the pups along so they can have a day of fun. 
here and some photos from my beautiful day...
the magnificent cherry blossom... this is absolutely my favorite flowering tree... (well, second to a flowering willow tree)
and ending my walk, seeing left behind leaves still present with all the new spring time color.
when i returned home, i felt it was time to make a blueberry yogurt cake recipe that i have been craving for about 2 weeks now. it's a version of ina gartens lemon yogurt cake, but with blueberries added. using greek yogurt makes it SUPER moist, and a bit healthier. and lemon + blueberries... does it get any better that that??? (do i sound like ina???) so with adele still blaring through my home speakers, i got to whipping up this heavenly dish that would fill my home with the sweetest lemon smell you could ever imagine! i will blog the outcome soon! 
while my cake was baking, i stepped in my back yard to see if anything was new... here is what we have so far -
our pink azaleas are almost in full bloom - we also have white but they are just getting started.

roses blooming!
 the beginning of a hydrangea bloom
chives and parsley are already booming and this makes me very happy!

a perfect sunny day, beautiful trees and plants, blueberry lemon cake and great music to accompany such a day... perfection! (sigh)
speaking so much of music and listening to new tunes - there has been some AMAZING albums released this year (and near the end of last... been a little busy...) so if you haven't checked these out - you totally should! in case you didn't know, you can click on the artist and it will take you to their website.
radiohead - the king of limbs
cold war kids - mine is yours {or what my husband refers to as his theme song}
the decemberists - the king is dead (OBSESSED WITH THIS ONE)
iron and wine - kiss each other clean
the civil wars - barton hollow - i'll never get sick of it.
amos lee - mission bell - he sets my body at ease just listening to his music.
ivan & alyosha - fathers be kind - new record i recently purchased, and TOTALLY not sorry! it's amazing. they're amazing! 
james vincent mcmorrow - early in the morning - a great relaxing record, very bon iver'ish... which is always a fabulous thing! 

and for some reason i have been in a serious reading mood... here are a few of the books i have read so far this year.
the help - highly recommend! would love to pass it to another reading soul, but it was purchased through ibooks.
knit the season - this is a part of the friday night knitting club series... and it was a very fun and easy read!
little bee - everyone should read this book. it will open your eyes, and make you feel very grateful to live in the US.
summer at tiffany - a memoir of two young ladies in the 40's who spent a summer in NYC and scored page jobs at Tiffany's. absolutely ADORED this book - read it in one day. and paid fifty whole cents for it at a used book sell! SCORE.
needles and pearls - another knitting book, and also a delight!

on my list of book to read -
night road by Kristin Hannah - her books are simply amazing!

to make this day even better... my new cuisinart ice cream machine is on it's way... i can't even tell you how excited i am to make fresh frozen yogurt and ice cream! i have already found tons of recipes like toasted coconut and almond, vanilla blueberry, and lavender infused honey - seriously?!?! 

wishing a very happy spring to you all!


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