Sunday, March 6, 2011

love and excitement.

ecstatic- feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement.
well, lets just say... i am SUPER ecstatic!!!!!!!!! and why you ask???? 
because of this... 
 band of horses + the jayhawks
anniversary weekend in atlanta
we are going to chicago to celebrate our anniversary in less than two weeks!!! So ecstatic for that, as well. i'm hoping for decent weather because there will be LOTS of shopping! i can't wait to get away with my fabulous man in an amazing city and celebrate two amazing years together. time has seriously flown by us, but the ride has been fantastic! 
every year we try to do something to celebrate the occasion, and this year we couldn't pass on an unbelievable deal to chicago in March... anniversary is in april - but who cares! Now, we get two events! band of horses has been my favorite since i was first introduced... we saw them first in Nashville at the Exit/Inn on 1/29/08 for david's birthday. they were amazing. then we saw them last september at the greek theatre in los angeles...amazing! now we see them in atlanta :)
in honor of celebrating some of the good times with my sweet hubby, and we have had SO MANY... a review in pictures to share with all!
engagement and wedding photos by Sarah Beaty (
Honeymoon in Mexico
Laguna Beach, California - April 2008
 going to see Wicked in Greenville, SC
taking our pups to the ocean - Charleston, SC
a fun day in Asheville, NC
seeing Patty Griffin in Charlotte, NC
a day at the Biltmore Mansion
seeing The Swell Season in Asheville, NC
family beach trip 2010
Jekyll Island, GA
California Trip 2010
new years in Nashville, TN


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