Monday, August 30, 2010

Sewing... sewing... and more sewing.

This has been a very crafty week for me. I have spent countless hours going through my stashes of tutorials, deciding which project would be right for me. The sewing machine has been stowed away since the move, but now it sits beautifully on its table, waiting for the next work load!
Let me begin by stating that I have somehow misplaced my pin cushion. Granted, it’s truly a piece of crap that should have been tossed long ago, but it did store my hundreds of stickpins. So, for sewing project number one… a new pin cushion.
I went through my collection of fabric and picked a set that would do the job – a burlap/type look! Sewing one of these takes absolutely no time, so to make it worth-while, I appliquéd some circles on top.
Here is the finished pin cushion, which I believe turned out nicely!

Next, seeing all these beautiful fabrics spread out around me inspired me to make something else that I LOVE… An OWL. These little guys are everywhere you look. ETSY is filled with thousands of owl items. So, I pieced my fabrics together, cut and sewed and appliquéd my way around to form a little stuffed owl to house my quilting pins… he’s pretty cute!

My next sewing project – a lap quilt. I just received my Amy Butler fat quarters, and I’ve found a patchwork pattern that I simply adore! You just can’t go wrong with Amy Butler fabrics… 


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