Wednesday, August 25, 2010

yoga through my eyes...

When I went to my first yoga class, it looked a bit like this.

I was prepared to learn a breathing technique that would relax my mind, body, and spirit. I was excited to learn ‘stretching’ poses that would lengthen my five foot nine inch frame… Also, I believed I would engage in some ‘serenity’ that would put my body at peace.

After my first yoga class –
I appeared to have been soaked with a water hose (and I’m not a sweater).
My face was red. Correction, my face was beet red.
As I left the meditation room, I appeared to have Parkinson’s Disease… for my entire body was shaking and my legs were more than jello-fied…
It was quite funny.
Now… I have been practicing for some time, and have such a lovely experience with the entire process. Doing some research on the benefits should be enough to make anyone want to get engaged. Though my fantastic, and highly trained instructor WORKS YOU TO THE BONE… it’s a fantastic feeling when you hear that familiar music appear to which you begin your wind down…. The last five minutes are like taking a glorious nap on an autumn day (outside in a hammock)!!!! You clear your mind, then your peel yourself off the floor to head home, feeling more rejuvenated than any massage or facial could provide!

Research from the Mayo Clinic…


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