Sunday, August 8, 2010

My garden grows!!!

pink swirl round hibiscus
large orange hibiscus

It's amazing to plant something so deep into the ground - wishfully waiting that it will take root and grow into something beautiful... 
To me, gardening is so meditative. I get more pleasure watching my work thrive than with anything else. And another plus- you are making beauty in your own yard! 
After 2 short months of living at our new house, I will share of few of my flowers with you.

cone hydrangea
knockout roses
crape myrtle tree
tons and tons of cherry tomatoes
round pink swirl hibiscus
hibiscus blooms on the tree
my thriving flower pot
garden frog - i swear this guy brings luck!
from the flower pot - this bloom is
larger than my hand!
potted lavender


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