Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The perks of living near water...

Duncan Park
This is the view we have while walking down our street. It's absolutely a beautiful street to live on, and we were so fortunate to find a house here! The street is lined with magnolia trees and gardenia bushes... so the aroma in the air is sometimes so wonderful that it's overwhelming. The best thing about our street...there is a lake at the end!!!! So a very short walk with our pups - and they get their very own swimming pool :) And trust me, they would live in water if they could. 
Yesterday evening - I grabbed my camera and we headed out with the pups on leash. It was that time of day when the sun is setting, and all that daytime heat is gone... leaving you with that perfect temperature. 
Emme loves the ducks... She would make friends with any person or animal on earth! Sweetest little thing ever! 
Such a big boy! 
I always tell my pups - you have no idea how great a life you both have... you could be stray pups... with no mommy and daddy!!!! They really are the most spoiled pups in the entire world! Both have been to the beach and played in the ocean, they get treats (good treats) all the time, walks about everyday - which include swimming in the lake, car rides alllll the time, and a mommy and daddy who love them more than life :) 


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