Thursday, August 19, 2010

A day of crafting... perfection.

It has been some time since I have had a crafty day, though my husband would beg to differ. As my blog is making it's way into the 'blogging' world - I felt the need to add another tutorial, as so many others have added to their blogs - helping me along my way. 
A new craze on home decor lately has been the use of embroidery hoops. People are using them for wall hangings, filling them with beautiful fabrics, flowers, or anything they choose. So, I thought I would give this a chance, and had PLENTY of scrap fabric to fulfill the project. 

So.... what you will need to make my version of the hoop wall art - 
2 embroidery hoops, I chose 2 different sizes.
embroidery floss and needle
birdie template (i just hand drew mine because it was very simple)
any fabrics of your choice
trim of your choice
2 small buttons
hot glue gun 
(and patience)
First - I took my hoops apart and gave them a quick coat of Rustoleum white spray paint, and let them dry for about an hour.
I started by cutting out two birdies using two different fabrics, then two wings with contrasting fabrics. 
Cut third fabric to fit your hoop. (I used two different background fabrics, and stitched them together with my lace trim... you could only use one fabric if you would like.) When your fabric is cut to size, applique your bird with the embroidery floss. 
I used a batting fabric on the back of my main fabric to give the bird some puffiness. This step could also be skipped. Once your bird is sewn on, flip your fabric over - and it should be an outline of the bird. It will look like a mess of sorts - but no one will see this. 
Now, applique your wing to the bird.
I then added my hoop around the fabrics and closed it tight. You should pull on the edges of the fabric sticking out to make sure you won't have any wrinkles. 
Trim the edges of the fabric sticking out... and for the worst part... with your glue gun, glue down the edges of the leftover fabric to the underside of your masterpiece :) 
Once your hoop is complete, add your button to complete the birdie.
and, voila.... 
For my second hoop - I used the same concept as the first with contrasting fabrics and the trim... and I love it! 
Lastly, hang your artwork! I used twine to create a hanger - and placed my two pieces in my thrift room! Such a fun and quick project... even with hand sewing! 
I hope you enjoy this project if you decide to make your own. There are so many different ways to add that something special. I currently am loving the fabric flowers that we are seeing everywhere - and those look AMAZING inside one of the hoops - pinned onto beautiful fabrics. 
-That could possibly be my next project....  :) 


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