Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A visit to the Biltmore Mansion

We are very excited and grateful anytime someone comes to visit us in South Carolina, but when we get a trip to the Biltmore - plus a visit from David's mom, Jane... we are super excited!!! I have been wanting to visit this place forever - as it reminds me of Buckingham Palace, and I finally got my wish this past weekend. We woke early and spent the entire day touring the home and hearing the amazing stories about the family, walking through and admiring the amazing gardens - having lunch on the site, and ending the day with wine tasting at their winery... delish :) 

The containers of flowers were beyond amazing. I was told that the Biltmore staffs 15 florists, and they are on call ALL THE TIME! Fresh flower bouquets are in every room of the house... ( i want that in my home...)

This is a breathtaking view from a window of one of the bedrooms. And for the record - the house has 43 bathrooms. 

Admiring the views on the terrace with my hubby :) 

David and Jane

The Italian Water Gardens. Needless to say, when we got home, David had decided he wanted a water garden! As long as he can find me these African Lilly Pads - he can dig up the yard!!! I seriously just wanted to get in the water and jump from pad to pad - They were amazing. This garden was also filled with lotus flowers in every imaginable color... it was truly stunning.

Tons and tons of grapes hanging from arbors along your walk through the gardens.

This is an idea I really want to incorporate in my garden. They have used a wine bottle as a planter! 

This is one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken... yes, i'm proud of it! The picture speaks for itself - it is yards and yards of sunflowers beside a tiny, twisty road that leads to the winery. I couldn't imagine a more beautiful road to travel! We stopped so I could take a picture - and it took everything for me to get back in the car. I could have stayed right there and been perfectly content :) 

Ahhh, the winery. I must admit - the Biltmore can make some tasty wines. And we should know because we samples just about every type they offer. My favorite and what we brought home with us - A limited release Malbec. We will open and enjoy it on another special occasion! 


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