Wednesday, November 24, 2010

worthy of sharing...

Thanksgiving is nearly here... and the aroma of the 'fantastic annual feast' is starting to fill our homes. Unfortunately, I will be working 12 hours tomorrow, but we will be having a lunch. When asked what I would bring... I knew without a second thought... cranberry sauce. This year, we have chosen a couple recipes from Tyler Florence, and his Cranberry-Orange Sauce Recipe is a WINNER! It is whipped up in only 25 minutes, and tastes like it took hours to cook...  HERE is the recipe... enjoy!
Along the way, we took pictures of the cooking process - 
 Start with your fresh cranberries, then add your orange zest and the juice of the orange.
 Add 1/2 cup of sugar (shew), then a cinnamon stick...
 Watch the cranberries burst, and the amazing smell fill your home...
 When finished... it will look like this - a mushy, delish mess... put in a pretty little serving bowl, and your set!
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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