Monday, November 1, 2010

A Mountain Escape

This is the second year that we have spent a weekend in the mountains of North Carolina. David’s brother, Brian, has a friend that is kind enough to let us stay in his cabin, which is surrounded by land and streams, and is such a charm! So last Friday afternoon, David and I headed out of Spartanburg, pups in the back seat, and headed to the Cranberry Creek Cabin to relax the weekend away…  Fall is my favorite time of year – the colors and the temperature couldn’t be more perfect, and we had a short three days to soak in every ounce we could get. We were meeting Brian, Amy and Ellie there, along with Todd and Katelyn, which were coming from Charlotte. We each picked a meal to plan and cook before leaving, but we had all made some snacks to bring… yes, it was a weekend of eating!  I baked my pumpkin bread to take along, plus 6 additional loaves! No really, the recipe makes SO much, so I passed some out to my friends at work for a few days. It turned out amazing… and it even looks like the bread was smiling! I know I was!  
On the many explorations outside with the pups, these were a few of the Fall Foliage shots I was able to capture.
 Miss Ellie was the best entertainment all weekend, and she is the prettiest little girl, so LOTS and LOTS of pictures was taken of her! Here are a few...
and my absolute favorite... 
Because of all the creeks and streams available, our pups were in heaven!!! Oliver would fetch sticks in water ALLLLLL day, and I'm not joking... he's obsessed. The one thing he is not obsessed with - fire. Actually, he is terrified. We had a bonfire on Saturday night, and he did not join us!  Emme, she's just happy to be a part of anything, so she was right there with us.  Here is a few action shots of the pups -
They were so spent by the time Sunday came that they slept the entire trip home.
I am already looking forward to another weekend in the mountain... until next year...


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