Sunday, October 9, 2011

{DIY jewelry display}

i own a billion necklaces, all of which i have a deep love for.
getting rid of any of them is just a plain ole' NO.
i have two jewelry stands, but the long necklaces are just too long and end up wadding up on the dresser. so with a scrap piece of lovely painted wood, i decided to make a display shelf for those long necklaces to hang on!
here is how i did it. (simple)
remember THIS post about painting and distressing scrap wood and making mason jar sconces? i used that extra piece of wood to make a treasure...
attach a pipe clamp to one side and slip a mason jar in.
make pencil marks on the wood where you want your hooks to hold the jewelry and screw those in.
add sawtooth hooks on the back for easy hanging.
add some cute flowers to the jar.
hang on the wall and display your necklaces!
simple and adorable.


Katalina Jewelry said...

Clever display!

jewelry displays said...

Thank you with this write-up. Superb!

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