Monday, October 17, 2011

DIY Pallet Crate

as promised, here is the tutorial for the ancient pallet turned crate.
enjoy =)

a pallet has been sitting in my yard for about six weeks now... a verrrrrrry old wooden pallet that we found on the side of the road. finally this weekend, we ventured outside to dismantle this hunk of beautiful wood to make a crate for our vinyls. little did we know the headache it takes to dismantle one of these things... geez. but we won. we dismantled every last piece of wood this pallet had to offer!
it started like this - sitting on our work table. we quickly found out that we would be turning this thing upside down and sideways about a bazillion times. lots and lots and lots of hammering. i mean... looooooooooooooooooots.
but in the end, look at all that beautiful aged wood. i really can't imagine how old this pallet was. the nails that were used to hammer it together were completely rusted and also twisted, so getting that completed was a true pain. there were also a million staples, and not just regular ole staples, staples that were about 4 inches long. yeah, a beast. but we had our minds set to make a vintage looking crate from reclaimed wood to house our vinyls... and that is just what we did.

*you will definitely want something to hold all those bazillion nails and staples... otherwise, a  tetanus shot will be number one on your to-do list...
(see those twisty rusty nails... now you can see what i was talking about... b.e.a.s.t.
we made our sides first, then measured the width by adding a record. when we got our correct measurements, we screwed side strips to hold everything together. then added a simple wood bottom.
and voila. yet another building score! and look how great it looks holding the vinyls...
i love how the color of the wood is different on each plank. i promise, i didn't plan for that to happen! it just did.
the joy of building.


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