Thursday, October 20, 2011

DIY photo ledge via Ana White

i hope everyone in blogland has checked out this amazing gal and all her skilllllz.... seriously, she is amazing and can build everything imaginable. the hubby and i have been scoping out her website every single day, looking for weekend projects. after building our pottery barn inspired table, i decided that i wanted a photo wall above it. hanging a billion photos is so aggravating to me so a photo ledge was a brilliant project to take on.
enter ana white's 10 dollar ledges.
HERE is where you can find the plan.
so off to lowes to went to get our supplies!
fortunately, i have an awesome husband that owns this....
i mean seriously, have you ever seen anything so adorable?!?!?! god, i love that man so much! and it is SUCH a plus that he is handy and can use power tools like nobody's business!!!
anyhow... regardless what kind of situation you are in - whether you own a circular saw or not, you CAN do this project. lowes and home depot will cut your wood for you, and for this project, you may or may not need any cuts period.
your supplies for this project are 2 1x4's and 1 1x2 boards. those boards will make you an eight foot photo ledge. in my case, i needed a four foot, so i only purchased 1 1x4 and 1 1x2. we cut all three boards in half and tossed the leftover 1x2.
all you do is glue your 1x4's together and screw them in... PREDRILL or it WILL split! then tack on your 1x2 strip to the front with finishing nails.
and there you have it. a photo ledge.
we painted ours white and it was ready to hang! simple and PERFECT!
sanding all the boards
nice and smooth and ready to assemble
we added wood glue to join the boards then used wood clamps to hold them together. 
we tacked on the front 1x2 strip with finishing nails.
painted white
and looking amazing on the wall! 
hopes this inspires someone out there to pick up a piece of wood and build something with it! i promise you... it is the MOST rewarding feeling :)


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