Tuesday, October 4, 2011

DIY fall wreath

i love displaying wreaths on my red front door. i always have one hanging and since spring, this one that i made has been on display. fall is now present (finally) so it was time for a switch-up. in the bizillion hours a day that i spend on pinterest, i found tons of inspirations for beautiful yarn wrapped wreaths. the wheels of my brain haven't stopped turning since finding these, so i decided when fall arrived, i would make my very own. today, i did just that.

i made a quick visit to my local hobby lobby (with my 40% coupon in hand) and purchased a straw wreath (3.99), a skein of burlap brown yarn (2 something after coupon), and made my way home to get wrapping.
to begin, i wrapped the yarn around the wreath and tied a knot to secure. then i started wrapping. my advise to make this part go a little smoother: unwind your skein and re-wind it into a ball. just makes things a bit easier. i left the plastic on my wreath to keep the straw intact.

when i finished wrapping, i tied the end of my string to an existing piece i had wrapped, and added a little hot glue just to make sure it wouldn't come loose.
now onto the focal point of this lovely fall inspired wreath -
i could have used burlap but it doesn't ruffle as well as regular fabric, so i chose a burlap colored linen fabric. i cut three different widths and used my sewing machine to make a long stitch down the center. leave some of your thread hanging on both ends!
to make your ruffle, take the hanging thread on one side and separate them. the bottom is the thread from the bobbin, and when you pull, it will create a ruffle in your fabric. voila!
i made small slits in the pieces of fabric on each side to the length that i liked, then ripped my fabric. i could have just cut it, but ripping it so much more fun. and easy. (plus you get that extra loveliness from the frayed edge where you tore!)
next, i wrapped my piece of ruffled fabric around the wreath and glued in place. i also did a quick hand stitch to make sure it wouldn't come apart.
and there you have it. a ruffled yarn wreath!
to make it even more fall'ish, i made a yo-yo out of the same fabric and added a few beads, then added that in the center.
and there you have it. a fall wreath for less then ten bucks. i am LOVING the contrast on the red door!

***for those of you interested in the outcome of the pottery barn inspired console table... it's comin' up soon!!!! and it turned out even more amazing than we had hoped for =)


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