Wednesday, May 25, 2011

wedding shower and weekend #1 in WV

it was January when i was home last... which has felt way too long. this month has already and will continue to make up for all that lost time. i have traveled home for the past two weekends. first for my sisters wedding shower and then the very next weekend to work on our BEAUTIFUL home in WV to prepare for the sale.... (so sad), then my sisters wedding is june 18th, so back home again for that! and we're not finished with the house, so probably another trip to fit in there somewhere...  THEN THE GLORIOUS BEACH TRIP!!!!
it feels like forever since i have posted a blog, and i have so much to catch up on... 
brooke's shower, the handmade wreath i made her, and the amazing night out we all had before.
exercise and all the hell i have been putting my body through.
my garden that is seriously bursting at the seams. just amazing.
two weeks at the beach coming up in ONE MONTH!
we will just cover brooke's shower and the first weekend in wv.
first the wreath. 
i have seen these for sometime and have been wanting to make one. it's completely simple and here is how i did it... 
use satin fabric of any color you chose, and cut out three different sized circles. burn the edges of the fabric with the flame of a candle then put them all together with either glue, or a beaded scrapbook brad (which is what i used). then hot glue them on your grapevine wreath. 
sisters :) 
we had such a great time the night before the shower. We all met up at brooke's new BEAUTIFUL house and shared two bottles of skinny girl margaritas (yum) then went to see Bridesmaids... funniest movie!
 a great weekend!


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