Saturday, May 28, 2011

sweetest kids on earth...

i miss my nieces and nephews SO SO SO much! Here are a few of the adorable pics i got when visiting last weekend.
 this is hysterical... poor ava is getting too much love :)
alyssa, reagan, and ellie on nana's swing.
sweet sisters

a wagon ride through huntington. 
such a sweet start to summer with all these beautiful baby faces.
the only two i missed were ethan and lauren... he was busy with baseball games and she was at dance competition!
relay for life was also this past weekend, and a bit different this year for my family... my dad walked the first lap as a survivor. the back of his shirt said living proof... and he truly is. 
i unfortunately had to miss this extremely amazing event, but just hearing my mom describe it made me cry.
hope everyone is having a great spring/summer so far. it sure feels like summer in the south! and the countdown to the beach is ON!


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