Tuesday, June 7, 2011

home is where my heart is...

In the past four weeks I have been home three weekends. It is exhausting making the six hour drive from south Carolina to West Virginia, but knowing what awaits me when I finally reach 'home' is well worth my time. I am thankful to have a car that gets me there safe and sound each time, and extra thankful my seats lay down to accommodate my human sized pups.
My whole life I dreamed of the day that I left good ole WV and moved to a new city. Two years ago this month, that dream happened. I just never knew how bittersweet it would actually be. I am so happy where we are and know we will never be moving back, but i also know i will always have a home on mill branch road.
Some things that keep my heart at home...
My niece, Lauren. My first niece. She is going into middle school and growing way too fast. She is beyond beautiful with long dirty blonde hair, the most beautiful face, and legs up to her chin. She is a dancer and travels all over competing... And winning! I know I will be visiting her one day in NYC when she is performing on broadway!!!
My nephews Ethan and Christian are 8. Yes, 8. Both into all sports and video games... Both the sweetest little boys on earth.
Savannah and Ava, the babies, are not really babies anymore. Savannah is such a big girl with hair as white as snow. Just like her mommy and aunts when we were babies. And little Ava just sits and smiles, taking in all the world in front of her.
All of these beautiful babies are growing up more each time I see them. I witnessed each of them come into the world. I held them within mere seconds of life. I fed them and changed them and watched them grow... Now the oldest ones are swinging bats and throwing footballs and traveling the states performing dances in front of hundreds.
I can't believe my eyes.
And now, next Saturday, another baby will be officially grown up. My baby sister is getting married. She has met the perfect guy for her, one that has already blended perfectly with our family. They purchased an adorable home and made it completely theirs, and I know they will make an amazing life together.
With all this living and growing going on in our family, I must mention the one who made it all possible. My dad who has been renamed the miracle man. He is far more than a miracle. Truly. Before last year, he had two major events that could have claimed his life in seconds. One almost did. He stayed strong and fought through, and pulled though with flying colors. Then last year was when the big shock hit. He was diagnosed with stage three lung cancer. After months of struggle with chemo, and a surgical removal of his lung, he is cancer free. He is a survivor!!! Now the kicker... After his body was completely healed from surgery, his doctor wanted to perform a stress test to check his heart just to make sure all was right. He failed the test and went on to have a heart Cath. There they found that his main artery to the heart was 90 percent blocked. This particular artery has been medically named the widow maker, because when it goes... You go with it. The doctor stented his artery, and he went home the next day.
Miracles do happen. And my dad is proof. Living proof.

Needless to say, my mom is in the process of making arrangements for a cruise, and the two of them will be having a much needed vacation in the Bahamas!!!


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