Saturday, May 7, 2011

one month!

i never imagined how much my garden would grow in just one short month. everything we planted is already producing! Here is some pictures of day one compared to one month in - 
romaine lettuce is almost ready to cut!
here is a photo of the red lettuce, broccoli, and romaine lettuce on planting day, compared to one month in -
 both tomato plants are doing great - we have three roma tomatoes and about 4 better boys! 
cucumbers are forming!
zucchini blooms 
crooked neck sqaush starting to form under the blooms!
to show a bit of a comparison... here is a picture of the cucumber and zucchini plants... day one-
and now - 
we are getting large and AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS strawberries... 
the raised bed is doing amazing. the eggplant has doubled in size, and all the seeds are growing!
we have more basil growing in large pot, and also added a supersweet 100 tomato plant.
i'm LOVING my garden! 
i am leaving town next week for my sisters wedding shower and i know i will miss my daily routine of checking everything out, but it will all be waiting for me when i get back. 
lots of great things have been going on here in good ole' South Carolina. 
1 - the weather has been PERFECTION. i put my brand new bathing suit on today and sat outside for an hour reading.... got some major burnt shoulders! (preparing this skin for the beach)
2 - david and I are on LEVEL THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE of 30 day shred. let me tell you... this 30 days (minus only about 3 missed days) has been crazy. the workouts are unbelievable and you really think your body cannot make another lift or move, but each day you really do get better. its amazing and we can both tell a BIG difference. can't believe we are almost finished with the program and can't wait to measure!!!
3 - i am training for a 5K!!!! and super super super pumped about it. 
life is good :)


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