Friday, May 27, 2011

straw bale garden = SUCCESS!

seriously. i never imagined my garden would take as well as it has. everything is massive and any space available is long gone. we had a bout of heavy storms recently and i feared my tomato plants would drown, but they ALL pulled through! just yesterday while watering, david and i counted 27 better boy tomatoes, and the largest is the size of a plum! even the upside down tomato plant is coming around and has three tomatoes already! we have countless romas, lots of super sweet 100's, squash, zucchini, and cucumbers are popping up all over the place, snap peas are ready for their first picking, banana peppers that are almost 5 inches long... it's all just amazing! 
just so everyone knows - straw bale gardening seriously, SERIOUSLY works. here are some pics of the garden progress starting with my hydrangea that has surprised us all -
the color of a hydrangea bloom all depends on the soil where its planted. the acidity is what changes the color, so some people have green blooms, or pink, purple, or the beautiful deep blue... i guess my soil is on steroids... our hydrangea, which is GINORMOUS, has every color bloom you could get! and im amazed!!! and completely in love. i think i take a new picture every single day :) and i have also cut lots of blooms and have them drying in mason jars around my house.

 these are garden beans and i started the seeds in a huge pot. every seed took, so i left four in the pot and moved the others to the raised bed garden. all are blooming!
 and these are the snap peas also started by seed in a large pot, and also moved to the raised bed garden. all are producing lovely little pods!
 all the sprouted carrot seeds taking very nicely! i really hope these turn out.
 banana pepper
super sweet 100 tomatoes
more herbs (thyme, oregano and more basil)
we have a major overload of basil... so we made lots of fresh pesto and froze it.

hope everyone's garden is full of joy!


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WOW! Your Basil looks great!!

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