Sunday, July 31, 2011

ten day juice fast... good god.

that's right, a ten day juice fast that cleanses and detoxifies your entire system...
this means no coffee. no alcohol. no motrin for those 'sick of work' headaches. NO FOOD.
for those of you who know me and my man, we LOVE our food. we take complete pride in cooking together and enjoying our evening meal while going over our day. it's just our thing.

with all that said, what in the world are we thinking?
first, we are thinking of our health and our family history, especially on his side.
we are thinking of getting back on the healthy food wagon and need a good boost to get that going.
lastly, we need a good cleanse to refresh our lives and most importantly, our bodies. this is healthy and good, and we are all for it!

so, where did this idea ever come from???
our great friend, sarah beaty, recommended we watch a documentary about a man who completed a 60 day juice fast that cleanses and detoxifies your body. The movie is called FAT SICK AND NEARLY DEAD. i was completely intrigued so i downloaded the film on itunes and we both watched it immediately. there was hardly a word spoken between us while watching except for the occasional, "are you kidding me?!?" after it ended, we were already searching online for the best juicer. we contemplated doing this fast FOR REAL... no cheating, no going back... just FOR REAL! we decided to sleep on it.
the next morning, david informed me that he had dreamt all night of juicing!
the decision was made!

today we bought a juicer. we called all over greenville looking for a breville that was readily in stock. we finally found one at bed bath and beyond - and they accept their 20% coupon off this purchase!!!! that saved us a gracious amount of money, all of which we will use to buy 20 lbs of produce a day.

i had my first juice this evening and this is what i used:
half a large cucumber
2 granny smith apples
half a lemon
a small piece of peeled ginger
a large handful of spinach
one celery stalk with the leaves
it was green.
and it smelled like a garden in my kitchen.
and the taste.... well, it was definitely not the best thing i have ever tasted, and absolutely not the worst. i drank it all and was pretty full. i couldn't believe it.

starting tomorrow, august 1, david and i begin our ten day juice fast. i will try my best to blog at the end of every day, documenting my progress, my drink recipes and the cost breakdown, how i feel, etc. in doing research i have found that day 2 and 3 are the worst. that is when you are the most hungry (obviously) and when your body begins to go into the detox mode.

so let the juicing begin...
hoping for ten peaceful days of a very enlightening experience.

here goes.


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