Tuesday, August 2, 2011

day one... {epic fail}

today i was out and about for awhile... not nearly long enough. i always find myself wishing for more time in the day. NOT TODAY!
this has been a rough go, but we are still hopeful that the overall experience will be a good one. how ever long we make it through this journey, we will be proud.

this was our menu for the day, and the cost breakdown. (breaking down the cost makes me feel somewhat better about the fact that we are spending loads of money on this cleanse)-

breakfast: pineapple/mango/orange juice
one small pineapple 1.99
one mango .79
three oranges .81
1/2 cup filtered water (free)

juice that up and chill in the fridge. this juice was seriously delish. the total cost to make was 3.59 and it made three 10 ounce servings. so breakfast for one cost only 1.20... pretty amazing.

again, this juice was probably the best i've ever tasted, but why wouldn't it be? all fresh and natural ingredients, nothing else. i drank around 9am, and was very much missing my two cups of black coffee by this point in the day. before my stomach started screaming for food, i decided to make and can tomato sauce. (yes, ridiculous idea)... yesterday i picked around 5 pounds of tomatoes from my garden, so i needed to fix them so nothing would spoil. if you have ever prepared a sauce and canned it, you will understand the lengthy period of time this process takes. needless to say, i was in the kitchen ALL DAY LONG.
not a great place to be when you can't eat.
somehow i managed to get everything finished and now have 12 half pints of spaghetti sauce ready to be stored for the winter.

lunch: our version of a mean green.
one stalk of celery with the leaves .33
lemon .33
lime .17
large handful of kale .50
pear .40
cucumber .49
2 apples .60
small piece of peeled ginger .10
handful of grapes .67
2 ounces of filtered water (free)

juice it all up and serve over ice.
i was really surprised at how good this one tasted. happily surprised. total cost for 32 ounces was 3.59. not bad for a lunch for two.

how am i breaking the cost down of all this fruit???
summertime is THE BEST for fruits and vegetables. locals and markets and even grocery stores sell for dirt cheap because the production and volume is so high, so we have got tremendous deals on everything we have bought. example: a bag of five pears at 1.99 = .40/pear. a large bunch of kale at 2.00, we will use that in 4 different servings so it rounds out to .50/serving... that is how i am calculating our cost.

the afternoon is where the hunger pangs sat in. maybe i wasn't really hungry, but i just wanted to chew something! a mild headache was also starting in, but it was deal-able. around 3pm, i received a text from david that read "kind of struggling."
ME TOOOOOOOOOOO! he told me of his headache and we decided to have a cup of coffee. he had his at work, and i went back to the kitchen to brew up a small pot of sumatra. the headache went away... only to return a short while later. i was starving. i didn't feel like myself. ABSOLUTEY NOOOOOOOO ENERGY. i tried watching tv, but all the commercials advertising delicious food make me die on the inside. i put my earbuds in my ears to let ray lamontagne drown out my sorrows... even ray couldn't help me this time.
my stomach was screaming for food. just for the smallest amount of anything solid.

david returned home from work and he was in the exact mindset as me. we contemplated eating a small something, then decided to make a juice and keep going. so we did.
i love tomato juice, so we made a v8 concoction.

2 large tomatoes
1 celery stalk
1 garlic clove
handful of parsley
4 carrots
large handful of spinach

it looked decent... it tasted ok? not really, but when you are this hungry you will 'drink' anything. i got about 3 ounces down and just gave up. it really wasn't that good...
we made a small meal. we devoured it. and after that all was ok, or so we thought. you have heard of the term called 'crash and burn,' and that is exactly what happened. after we ate david was immediately asleep on the couch, woke up 30 minutes later and looked like a ghost, then went straight to bed. at 8:30. yes, that is a crash and burn. i felt ok, a little disappointed that i couldn't go a whole day without solid food, but when you have eaten this way for nearly 30 years, what else could you expect for a first go?!?!

all in all, i feel ok for day one. most people doing any type of juice fast spends a few days in preparation... which we did not do. tomorrow we will resume the 'juice fast' with breakfast and lunch, and by dinnertime, if we are THAT hungry again, we will make a small healthy meal. chicken or fish and a green veggie. on days that we get more hungry around lunchtime, we will eat a small lunch, then a juice for dinner. i'm ok with this new plan. and then when we/our bodies are mentally and physically prepared, we will try a complete juice intake.


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