Friday, August 5, 2011

sweet summer time...

nothing in the world is better than spending time at the beach with your favorite kids in the world!
i have been so busy lately with juicing and all, and have never blogged about our beach trips with our families. in a nutshell, we were surrounded by loads of beautiful, giggly, bouncy children for two weeks. (exhausting, and perfect all at the same time). 
here are some of my favorite photos of our time with our amazing nieces and nephews...
we also had the time with david's family to throw anita a bridal shower. it was the perfect beach setting, and we had the best time!
since we have been back home, the heat is worse than ever. there are days you cannot even bear to sit outside... going through these beach photos makes me miss the sand and water, but surprisingly, i am ready for fall and cooler temperatures. and sweaters and tall boots!!! we do have more travels coming up to look forward to - mark and anita's wedding in california will be here before we know it. i am very excited to be back in the gracious california weather and more than pumped for their wedding day! i am sure it will be spectacular. after the wedding and before we fly back to the south, we are going to take advantage of where we are and make a trip to the island of Catalina. that is something i am VERY excited for!


Anita said...

It was so nice to see the photos from our trip... That was the best shower EVER! <3

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