Sunday, August 28, 2011

tea time with Ellie and Ollie

nothing sweeter than sharing a weekend with family.
last weekend, brian, amy, and ellie came down for a visit. i seriously believe oliver and emme had the most enjoyment from spending time with sweet ellie.
oliver followed her everywhere. she laid in the floor and he was right beside her. she used him as a chair, played doctor and examined his ears, and they even had a tea party... just her and ollie.

i wish i could keep this sweet girl with me all the time! she is the best kid! 
the weekend went way to fast, as they always do. we had great meals together - peach and blueberry cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream, a breakfast frittata with fresh tomatoes, and a fabulous dinner at chicora alley - my favorite restaurant in greenville.
we took ellie around downtown and through all the shops. she especially loved the toy stores! we went to falls park and she and uncle david watched for fish swimming in the water.
after dinner we sat by a fountain and played in the water. street musicians were playing covers next to us, the weather was perfection... a perfect day!
 just look at that smile... she will melt your heart!
i wish i could have captured her face when she pulled a carrot from our garden, but unfortunately i didn't have my camera... shame on me!
when we were back inside, i did get this shot of her admiring her great treasure -
before leaving on sunday, we took a stroll through the lawns of converse college and had lunch at mellow mushroom. it was a perfect weekend and only left us longing for more time together!


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