Friday, September 9, 2011

{sunday's at home}

one thing i miss the most about living in west virginia is my family get togethers on sunday afternoons. seriously, we never miss a single week. the entire family comes to my parents house after church to eat dinner and just relax- and this is a few of the reasons i miss that.

 1. words with friends...with eachother =)
2. painting beautiful baby toenails.
3. braiding hair - even uncle david jumps in on the fun!
4. getting SO much love from my beautiful nieces and nephews.
5. devouring my mothers amazing cooking. 

love this pic of my lovely lala with uncle david-
and my silly boys, christian and ethan-
curly haired boys-
also going home allows me to spend time with my BEST friend in the world, crystal. 
i love this girl so much. so much.

i really miss home but being away makes me love it so much more.


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