Saturday, September 24, 2011

scrap wood turned treasure...

i've got a thing with wood lately.
it's more like an obsession.
it's possibly because we have been knee deep in LOTS of wood projects. (will soon be sharing those.)

in my last post i referred to a Hafiz quote that i wanted to use for a subway art project.
unfortunately, it was a fail. i tried to mod podge a mirrored image on wood and let it dry for a few minutes, then rub off the paper with a damp rag leaving only the letters. you could see the quote, but the paper never really rubbed off completely. and i wasn't having that.
for my second option, i was going to just print out a poster and mod podge that... and that just wasn't cutting it either.
so i had lots of scrap wood from a building project (yes, i said building project!) and decided i would put those together and use stencils to paint my quote. the Hafiz quote was a little long, so i found another inspiration on pinterest, of course.
this was my inspiration -
this sign is from this website... and it's 300 bucks. yep.
and here is what i did to recreate. i took 5 scrap pieces of wood that were all 15 inches long and approx. 3 inches tall. i gave them a quick sand and then wiped them clean.
i applied one coat of minwax dark walnut stain then wiped the stain with an old cotton t-shirt.

and then the tedious part began... the stencils. i cut my letters out and positioned them on my board. i taped around ALLLLLL the edges to keep my lines clean. and this part took forever. i taped. then painted. then pulled the stencil up. remove all the tape. clean the stencils. do it all over again... F.O.R.E.V.E.R.
it was all worth it.
after i had all my words painted on the boards i let them dry for about an hour. then i took them outside and gave the whole board another coat of stain. i used a foam brush and went over the letters a couple times to give them a weathered look.
i used my palm sander to go around the edges and corners, and also quick sanded the top of the boards. i used minwax finishing paste to seal all my hard work and was then ready to assemble my masterpiece.
to put all the boards together i used metal braces that i picked up at lowes for just a few dollars.
i love it so much... and the quote! if you are lucky enough, it is so true. i am happily hanging this in my home!!! maybe even over my headboard.


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