Sunday, July 17, 2011

garden goodness all summer long...

i never imagined the amount of vegetables we would get from our garden. we have been overwhelmed all summer long with juicy red tomatoes of all varieties... especially beautiful roma's that make any meal a hit. our eggplants have been ripening and have made the most delicious dinner, and to accompany that meal, i made a homemade tomato sauce that i will share with you shortly. our flowers are also making our yard look extra lovely... last summer we planted a tiny little pink swirl round hibiscus bush. this summer, it has tripled its size and it absolutely stunning. the blooms are nearly the size of a watermelon.
i love this picture of sweet emme lounging in the grass... she could do this all day long.
here is a picture of the straw bale garden on the day we planted everything, and another pic i just took this week.
carrots still popping up! you have really never tasted a carrot as good as a fresh one...
and here are the photos from a few of my harvest days -


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