Friday, July 15, 2011

A busy June and a beautiful wedding.

June came and went in a blink.
In a nutshell, this is how it went...

June started with a weekend trip to WV.
Then a week later we were back to WV for my sisters wedding.
We left after the wedding and drove to the beach for a week with David's family.
Back to SC for 3 days then had to go back to WV for the passing of David's grandmother.
Back to SC from WV for 2 days, then to the beach again with my family.
Then to make our lives a bit more hectic, I hit a deer with my car... So we are down to one vehicle while mine is being repaired.
Now that we are home and settled, i am still trying to recover. Going back to work has killed me. I worked one 12 hour shift in 25 days, and now I am back to working 3 12's in a row... Killer!

And how all this lovely time off was spent -
I will begin with the wedding.
It. Was. Fantastic!  Brooke wakes up looking like a model, so of course on her wedding day, she was completely stunning.
My wonderful husband had the great honor of marrying them, which made the day even more special! The reception was one of the funnest I've ever attended, and we have termed it the dance party of the year! Wine was overflowing, heels were kicked off and replaced with flip flops and bare feet, and my own mother even broke lose and danced her sweet heart away!
It was definitely a night to remember.

cinderella stole the show!
Brooke's friend, Alex, came to the house to fix her hair for her big day. He is seriously fantastic...
This was the first song on the wedding day playlist, and very fitting considering Brooke was OBSESSED with this one as a little girl :)
Here is the link to a photo slideshow by the unbelievably talented Sarah Beaty of eyeris photography :
After the reception/dance party of the year ended (at midnight) David and I packed the car and slept for 3 hours. Then we headed to his families annual beach trip. There we spent a week with our family from all over! Mark and Anita, and even butch and Sharon flew in from California to spend the week. It was so great! We lounged on the beach and poolside during the days, then feasted on homemade food every night. Mark made us the most amazing and freshest drink i have ever tasted... A strawberry basil gimlet, and we even surprised Anita with a champagne bridal brunch! And of course, we had our annual dinner at the sugar shack!
I could really live at the beach... Hopefully someday soon we will!
More about the annual smith beach week to come, and pics from both trips...


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