Tuesday, April 19, 2011

watch my garden grow

seriously, i think my whole hand is turning green. i literally go to sleep thinking about waking up to see what's new outside! its not been long at all and everything is thriving. literally ALL of the seeds i planted have sprouted. the carrots are slowly but surely popping up, and my precious husband even built me a raised garden bed to transplant the extra seeds in... plus an eggplant and another pepper. the peaches are the size of a golf ball. strawberries are ripening every day. I. LOVE. GARDENING.
so this is our mint plant that was just re-potted less than 2 weeks ago. it has already filled the new pot and im not re-potting again! so basically, the larger the pot, the larger the mint = the more mojitos you will be graciously blessed with!!!
our potted rosemary is ginormous... even with cutting it atleast twice a week. we planted this last summer and it has been thriving ever since. 
hibiscus blooms are forming by the dozens.
knock out roses that stand about 5 feet tall and have hundreds of bright and beautiful blooms! 
many beautiful iris bulbs are popping up along the fence.
growth of two pots of green bean seeds.
 pea seeds are growing fast! 
zucchini plant is the size of a basketball.
romaine lettuce! 
 tomatoes are doing great and ready for a cage.
the raised bed my sweetie built for me... perfect! 
tomato blooms on the upside down tomato plant
the straw bale garden and the raised bed garden... all looking super! 
hope everyone's garden is as happy as mine :)


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