Friday, April 8, 2011

upside down tomatoes.

what is all this business about growing an upside down tomato plant? supposedly its a more effective way and leads to a greater production of tomatoes. 'topsy turvy' has been the chosen name for these tomato plant contraptions, and can be purchased pretty much any place that sells plants and vegetables. so i googled this method of growing and was astounded at the number of folks testing their thumbs at this genius idea. i came across MANY eco-friendly DIY'ers, and decided that instead of purchasing a 10-15 dollar 'topsy turvy' (which aren't very pretty), i would follow their method.
it starts with using a recycled or a used hanging planter - or if you must, buy one. drill a hole in the bottom opening of the planter about 2 inches wide, or have your handy man hubby do this part for you like i did! carefully... and i mean CAREFULLY push your tomato plant through the hole from the inside of the planter. that is the tricky part. i have seen some people wrap the tomato plant in wax paper before shoving it through... when it's through the hole, cut a piece of mesh to fit around the bottom of the planter so no dirt or root will come through the hole. last, fill your pot with a good soil mix and your done. i also added cilantro to the top of mine, but you can add anything, or nothing!
Hang your upside down tomato plant in full sunshine, water, and watch her grow! (quickly)
after four days, the tomato plant was already trying to raise up... but gravity is winning!!! i hope we get lots and lots of sweet cherry tomatoes!
Here is some photos showing our steps -
once your plant is through the hole, center your pot between two chairs so you can add your dirt and any finishing touches.


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