Wednesday, April 20, 2011

three years old...

sweet oliver is three.
i really can't believe he has been with us that long... granted, the first year was quite the nightmare. he was one stubborn and rotten little boy... nothing passed by him without his approval, and anything he wanted.... well, it was his. 
through all that bad behavior and after two obedience training courses, each 6 weeks in length... the trainer told us it was time for another dog. i mean, seriously?!?!?!? but when we decided to adopt emmylou, that's when everything changed. all that energy and aggression was taken out on eachother in a super playful mood. they became inseparable, and still are. they truly are the best of friends. 
three years later and oliver has turned out to be the best dog i could have ever imagined. yes, he is still 120 pounds of pure hyper love... but he is super sensitive, and has a love for mommy and daddy that couldn't be described. he has the best personality, loves giving kisses, and just loves to do his own thing... stretch out on the couch!
so in honor of his special day, we wanted to make him a special treat. i used the same recipe for the peanut butter dog biscuits i make, just made a very large bone for him to gobble up! 
he absolutely loved it! we made emme one too, and she also loved it!
happy birthday to my sweet boy!!!!


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