Monday, April 25, 2011

straw bale garden - week 3

so we are going into the third week of our garden extravaganza... and everything (almost everything) is doing so great. all the seeds that i planted are shooting up to the sky and have already been transplanted into the raised garden bed. the carrot seeds are sprouting through the soil. strawberries are being picked and devoured before we can get them inside. peppers are starting to form on the stalks. all amazing.... except for one thing - the upside down tomato plant with cilantro on top. i am assuming the cilantro was choking the tomato and taking all the nutrients considering it tripled its size, but the tomato plant has shrunk and the leaves are yellow. total failure, and very sad about it. so today i pulled the cilantro (which was not easy considering it had all become one rooted mess) - divided it into three separate plants and planted them elsewhere. i re-potted the tomato, yellow leaves and all, and added new soil. lets hope it works... if not, off to shop for another cherry tomato plant!
here are some pics of week three! (no pictures of the upside down tomato... too depressing)
two of the three cilantro plants were potted here surrounding the chives and parsley.
the other was planted here -
these are sugar snap peas and garden beans that i started from seed. they quickly grew and now have a new home in the raised bed garden.
the squash, zucchini, and cucumbers are getting massive.
tomatoes are thriving! this is the better boy, and the roma behind it is also doing great.
broccoli, red lettuce, and romaine lettuce.
the beginning of a red pepper!
all the pots.
 more garden beans in a pot.
carrot seeds are sprouting all of the pot... i'm really hoping these work!


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