Saturday, December 4, 2010

a day of savings.

Today has been a great day... a day full of savings, and surprises! First, I will start with my trip to Kohls with my husband. Last week, while Christmas shopping at Kohls, I earned $20 in 'Kohls Cash' good towards any purchase, so today was the day that I could use it. I went in looking for a new pillow, a GOOD pillow! Instead, I was drawn to the jewelry counter, where sparkly, silver watches caught my eye. Bulova watches, to be exact... well, of course the one I wanted was $525.00. Yes. Little did I know, that very hour ended Kohls 'power hours' of shopping for that day... so in addition to everything on sale, you get an additional 10 percent off. Plus, an additional 15 percent off with the weekend store pass coupon. (shew)
So, the Bulova watch... it. was. heavenly. Even more so did I want (need) this watch when it was placed upon my wrist! Though, all I could see was the price tag... Here is the part where I will tell you of the sale price on this watch. 
Original price: $525.00
Sale price: $179.00 (eeeeeeeeek)
After standing at the counter for what seemed to be a million minutes, frantic and trying to decide what to do... I handed the little slice of heaven back to the sales associate, and walked away... extremely sick to my stomach. My husband also said I had tears in my eyes, and very red cheeks :) I know that I made the right decision, considering I still have much Christmas shopping to do, but it was still VERY hard to walk away from. I didn't get the pillow either.
Later in the day, David was browsing online and saw an ad about the new iPhones... I have the 3g iPhone, two years and still running strong. It is my everything and I really couldn't get through a day without it... but with this special from Radio Shack, yes, Radio Shack - if you are eligible for an upgrade with AT&T, you get the $199 phone for $149. In addition to that savings, if your old iPhone is in good condition, they will pay you for it! $75 for it actually!!!!! So I got an iPhone 4 for 75 DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
HERE is the link with all the info.
All in all, today has been a very good Saturday... we got to sleep in, enjoyed a yummy and healthy breakfast and lunch, and a not so healthy dinner of pad thai, but SO VERY GOOD!  And speaking of eating... today is the three week mark of my diet. I have lost 6 lbs! Very excited about that! Looks like I will reach my ten pounds in ten weeks goal! Tonight is date night, and we are seeing Love and Other Drugs... hope it's good!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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