Wednesday, February 15, 2012

my funny valentine.

i feel like i am one of the girls who are just not that into valentines day. i don't dislike it... but i don't love it either.

yes, it's a sweet day.
it's fun. (can be)
it's always nice to be recognized and feel loved and be showered with gifts.

but to be honest, i feel that way everyday. i have a fantastic relationship and feel that we show our love and appreciation everyday, not just on v-day.

with that said - i do get that it is one day of the year that is 'showy' and cute and playful... and whatever else you want to make it. david tells me that he believes i like it more than i let on...
maybe he is right?!?! whatev ;-)
a dozen roses on v-day would bring me as much excitement as watching the NFL highlights. plus, i married a man that would never bring me roses unless the occasion was a once in a lifetime... example - the night he proposed. it was magical and such a surprise. a candlelit path leading the way to our favorite picnic table at a nearby lake that we spent SO many nights becoming 'us.' a dozen red roses sat in the middle of the table and he handed them to me after i said YES! that is the definition of romantic!!!!!!! ahhhh.
now when i get flowers, he brings me wildflowers, and mixes of all different beautiful blooms... all things that i love so much. and this happens any day of the year.

so that leads to me to...
reasons that i did love feb. 14th this year...
i got an early v-day present... a beautiful and elegant white orchid that is absolutely lovely on my dining room table. 
i had to work 12 hours (dislike) and my gorgeous and sweet hunk of a man HAND-delivered this to me during my very long and BUSY BUSY workday - (along with my favorite chocolate bar!)
and after that crazy workday was over - we decided to cheat our diets (since we already blew it with the chocolate) and go out for dinner. well apparently, every couple in the united states goes to dinner on v-day (who woulda thought it)...
but everyone wanted the same sweet little italian place that we LOVE...
it. was. slammed.
had we waited, we would have probably been served at midnight. then v-day would be over.
so off we went to mexican... our go-to!
and here is where the story turns. 
david left his wallet in his work pants and realized it when we were 15 minutes away from home.  i said, "no worries babe, i have mine." we're married... money is money... come on.
so we are seated at the restaurant. we order our food and are waiting when i get into my purse to hunt for my phone. while digging through, i realize i don't see my wallet. it's huge and red and should be right in the middle of my extra large bag... but it's not. i continue to search, determined that the wallet is just buried. but it's not. it's on the kitchen counter at home.

so back to the house david drove to get a wallet... once he returned, our waitress (so super sweet) warmed the food and we enjoyed a delish meal and had quite the laugh over the whole ordeal.
i mean, we both forget our wallets. seriously.

and then there was this -
in the mailbox was this envelope addressed to me. i opened it to find a box of russell stover coconut clusters. no card. no name.... but i knew!
growing up, we would wake up on valentines day, and on the front table in the living room would sit 5 boxes of russell stover's chocolates. one for the four of us girls, and one for my mom... all from my dad. me and my sister, michelle, would have cocounut clusters. the rest would have assortments of different chocolates. we would have a few for breakfast, go to school, and come back to half the boxes being gone.... my dad's a smart man! never bought one for himself... just snacked on ours :)

so maybe david is right... maybe i do like v-day. heck, maybe i love it?!?! who knows....
it just seems that each year it gets better and better.
and i can assure you, next year wherever we are and wherever we go, we WILL NOT FORGET THE WALLETS!

since it was a fun day, here are a few of my favorite pics of my sweet valentine-
(photos taken by sarah beaty)

i truly hope everyone had an amazing valentines day - and spent it with someone you dearly love! i feel like the luckiest gal in the entire world. 


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