Sunday, February 12, 2012

dreamin' of summertime.

mother nature brought the most amazing february temperatures last week. we actually reached seventy one afternoon and that is reallllllllllllllllly making me long for summer. especially considering this week we dropped in the 20's at night. not cool.

it is so amazing having a screened in porch - when we are graced with a beautiful and warm day, we leave the doors open and oliver LOVES it... i swear that boy would just lay there all day long.
and sweet emme getting a good dose of sunshine from the window.
if you know me, then you know that i get the MOST joy from summer gardening. last year we produced an abundance of vegetables and herbs, and every morning I would wake and immediately run outside to see what was new... i really miss that!

i'm ready to get back to the seven pm sunshine instead of hustling at 5pm to walk the pups in the last bit of lightness left.
i'm ready to plant and grow and eat freshness!
i'm ready to get my hands dirty!

currently, we have 8 jars of tomato sauce left and one container of pesto... then it's all gone.

for the time being, my indoor basil plant by the kitchen window brings joy to my day -
and my beautiful orchid, an early valentines gift from my precious hubby, brings me many smiles as I walk past her throughout the day -
and the camellia tree in the back yard is producing the most beautiful blooms -
so yes, i am desperately longing for spring and summer.
i'm dreaming of tomatoes and squash and boatloads of fresh basil.
i'm longing to run outside without the sting of cold running through my chest.
i'm ready to swing in the hammock and read a book.
i'm ready for our third anniversary trip that we plan to make the BEST yet!
and i'm ready for our family vacations this summer - one to the amazing beach house in north carolina, and a cruise to the bahamas!!!!

who could ever possibly think of a better time of year than summer?!?!


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