Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DIY wooden trays

while browsing pinterest, i ran across this blog posting about a gal that made her own 'little wooden trays,' and made it look as easy as pie. 
i have been in a search for a tray big enough to hold our coffee pot and grinder, and after seeing this, we decided to make our own. 
(david actually did all the work here, i just stained them!)

all we used was 1x6 boards for the bottom and 1x2 boards for the sides. we decided the length and width that we needed the bottoms to be and then framed with the 1x2 boards. it was simple and he had them both built in less than 30 minutes.
he used wood glue as well as nails to attach the sides.
here is one of the trays all put together-
i used the steel wool/vinegar method to stain the trays. i still can't get over how this stain works. i had a jar from a previous project that had been sitting in my basement for nearly a month... the longer it sits the more color changes you will see. this time around my color had a bit of a gray tone which was perfect for this since i have a gray kitchen.
and here is the finished product-
looks just like old barn wood!
here is how the trays look in our kitchen. i think they fit perfectly and we are really happy how they turned out. 
another simple and inexpensive project.
happy building!


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